Having secure networks free from external attacks is usually everyone’s priority be it in an office setting or at home.  Droidsheep is a practical Android mobile hacking app which was developed for security analysts with interest in playing with Wi-Fi networks. Basically, it is a hacking tool that allows hackers to seize session cookies over the wireless network. This means that you can snoop the internet sessions profiles of a person’s mobile or any other device that is using the same network. It works with almost all websites.


How does Droidsheep work?

When the app is running, it acts as a router which analyzes and obstructs all the Wi-Fi network traffic and retrieves the profiles of active sessions. This app makes the idea of cell phone hacks look ideal because you can snoop on all social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other that may interest you.

How do you use the app to hack network sessions?

As with most other phone hacking app, your Android phone has to be rooted for it to work well. Ensure you also have a target or targets within the same network using HTTP to access website accounts. Once you have these two aspects covered, you can now gladly install the app and begin. Make sure you download the app through a verified channel. Once you are up and running, you can do the following tasks:

  • Open sites – the app allows you to use the target’s account as him/her. (Please do not misuse this benefit for malicious reasons).
  • Eliminate from the network – you can remove a selected target’s session from the network, that is, bar them from accessing any website.
  • Include host to blacklist – the app prevents the capturing of cookies from the selected server in future.
  • Export via email – it allows you to send the cookie codes via email which also enables you to use the sessions in the devices.
  • Save cookies – the app allows you to save the cookies for later use.

What other benefits come with the Droidsheep app?

Besides blocking Wi-Fi access, this app includes other options that you can use to your advantage. They include; Clear list option, Clear Blacklist option, Debugging, options for choosing Wi-Fi networks and finally, the Support section. To further illustrate, the Clear list option enables you to clear cookie sessions while the Clear Blacklist option allows you to clear the list of blacklisted servers.

In conclusion, Droidsheep app is a free app, so you can use it for all your Android devices to run your internet connections safely. In other words;

  • You can use it to ensure your Wi-Fi is secure.
  • It will let you know if someone is gaining access to inappropriate material through your network connection.
  • The app will keep your children safe from age-inappropriate material.
  • Droidsheep app will allow you to keep tabs on internet browsing, especially if it is in a workplace setting and you want to keep an eye on your staff.