Fighting Adware, Spyware, and Malware with Ad-Aware Free

Keeping your information safe on your computer is essential. From your local documents and files stored on your computer’s hard drive to browsing the Internet and logging into your bank account or other personal sites such as Facebook, Myspace, or even checking email, you need to be careful and make sure your data is safe.

Ad-Aware is free software that does just that. It protects your computer from the spyware, adware, and malware that may get onto your computer and transmit your personal or sensitive information to unwanted places.

Ad-Aware, from Lavasoft, has been around for years providing the security from unwanted adware, spyware, and malware that gets onto your computer when visiting different places on the Internet. With each release of Ad-Aware, the developers at Lavasoft has taken simplicity into account and provided the consumer with an easy to use application for protection against various threats. You need visit this link: spy app without target phone

Once Ad-Aware is downloaded and installed, the user is presented a simple interface and presented a few options. The program starts in basic mode giving the user the option to check for Web Updates, Scan the system, and toggle Real-time protection.

It is important to check for updates when you launch the Ad-Adware application to make sure you have the latest threat definitions in order to ensure maximum protection. Clicking the Web Update button will launch the update manager download the updates, install them, and automatically restart Ad-Aware.

The Scan System option will perform a full system scan on your computer to detect and remove any threats on your system. While performing a full scan of your system is recommended, there may be times when you want to only run a quick scan. To accomplish this, click the “Scan” option from the top toolbar and select “Smart Scan.” Once selected, choose the “Smart Scan” option. This will run a scan that looks in most critical parts of your system for any infections.

Real-time protection is essential if you spend a lot of time on the Internet. With so many websites containing malicious scripts and codes, it is important to always have real-time protection turned on. Ad-Aware monitors the processes on your computer to ensure no threats have started running on your system. Click here to read more: spy app without target phone

There are also advanced options you can look into if the basic protection isn’t enough. You can select the areas you would like scanned automatically with the type of scan selected. You can customize the Smart Scan, Full Scan, and Profile Scan in advanced mode. You can also view the files in Quarantine and delete them if you so choose. Ad-Aware also provides an Ignore List that you can set up to bypass certain programs or files from being scanned and detected as malicious.

For basic protection against adware, spyware, and malware, Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware does a great job of protection. With years of trusted experience behind the software, it is definitely recommended you download a copy of Ad-Aware in order stay protected. Ad-Aware can be downloaded from