Best Free Anti-Spyware Programs

Spyware slows down your computer, prevents programs from functioning properly, and causes other unpredictable problems. In addition to downloading onto your computer without your permission, spyware programs trick internet users into downloading them by claiming to be spyware removal software. With many malicious programs masquerading as effective removal tools, which free programs can you trust to remove your spyware infection? The following list contains trusted free spyware removal programs. I recommend using more than one program, as one program may detect issues another did not find.

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SuperAntiSpyware – When all the other programs on this list declared my computer spyware free, this program detected numerous traces of spyware the others overlooked. This software had the quickest scan time and was able to remove all spyware it found after a system reboot. One benefit I appreciated was that the program listed the spyware found as the scan progressed, so you could see the infections on your computer immediately rather than wait in suspense for the scan to end. Not a major issue, though.

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware – This is the best program to use if spyware has affected your internet access. This program once saved my computer from an awful virus that prevented me from accessing the internet. I installed this program using a flash drive and after one scan I could access the internet again. MalwareBytes was able to successfully remove all the contaminants found on my computer without a reboot, although I imagine this is not always the case depending on the infection level.

A-Squared Free – This program has a large file size, thus requiring a longer time to download, but it contains both anti-spyware and anti-virus software. One negative is that it could not remove every virus detected, but the program provided instructions on how to remove the viruses manually so you would not be stuck with an infected computer. Visit the up coming post: how to hack whatsapp

Ad-Aware – Ad-Aware is one of the oldest free anti-malware programs on the internet and has improved over time. The scan time is one of the fastest amongst the software listed. The free version does not contain the anti-virus software in the paid versions, but the benefit of this is the program runs more smoothly. This program is one of the few that offers real time protection against spyware in the background for free.

Any of these programs will help rid your computer of a nasty spyware infection. Just be sure to download the free version, rather than the free trial of the paid version.