What if you are looking for a simple spy app?

Something that offers the basic tools needed for this purpose and something which is so easy to use.

Then, you will need one or a few apps mentioned below.

All of them are available for Android devices, but soon most of them will get iOS support.

Anyway, they are great for occasional use.

  1. Couple Tracker -Mobile monitor

Despite the fact we mentioned that these are simple apps, we had to include this one.

The Couple Tracker -Mobile monitor is advanced, yet incredibly simple app to use.

It is primarily developed for couples who want to know secret conversations and details of their partner.

In essence, the app allows you to get the exact location of a partner, to read their messages and to monitor Facebook statistics, like who liked a photo and etc.

It also allows you to see messages and calls which would be normally deleted.

Each time a user receives a call or a message, another user would be notified.


  • Very easy to use, despite plenty of features
  • GPS tracking
  • Monitoring Facebook statistics
  • Preventing messages from being deleted


  • GPS positioning isn’t very accurate
  • You can see only 30 characters (50 if you use a premium version) of each SMS message


  1. TrackView: Surveillance & Phone Detective

This spy phone app was developed for parents, but it is so useful that we can use it for spying other people.

What we liked is the fact it will turn each device into a wireless camera.

That device would be able to record video, take photos, buzz (even in a case silent mode is turned on) and plenty other features.

Furthermore, you can access from any, another device at any given moment and watch the recording.

Two-way audio and GPS tracking are also great features which have to be mentioned.


  • Simple alternative for getting surveillance camera
  • Good for parents and those who want to spy others
  • GPS positioning
  • Buzzing even in a case silent mode is activated


  • Some compatibility issues
  • You must enter code when you want to use it
  1. Copy9

This mobile spy app may be simple and it has only one, main feature, but it is definitely appealing and desirable app.

For example, it allows users to use any other application while the main app is running in the background.

Then, the video recording can be automatically sent via email and downloaded.

As a matter of fact, the app will even record when the screen is black.

As such, you have an ultimate hidden camera.


  • User interface is easy to use and functional
  • Comes with plenty of additional features
  • Records in 4K
  • Can be integrated with third-party apps


  • Isn’t compatible with all smartphones
  • File error may occur
  1. MxSpy


Another simple mobile spy alternative is here.

This app allows you to listen to conversations without having to be close to the members of it.

It works only when the headphones are used and it will stop once you plug out the headphones.

As such, it is a very convenient app which also has a potential to be used as a hearing aid.

In addition, the app has an amplifier which makes the end result better.


  • Very easy to use
  • Amplifier actually works
  • Can be used as hearing aid
  • Stops when you plug out the headphones


  • Obsolete user interface
  • Lack of advanced options
  1. 9SpyApps

Here we have another simple yet powerful software.

We liked a few things about it.

First, it is a kit which offers several features, like SOS signal, ability to record voice and ability to activate the camera.

Then we have compass and pent of other smaller features which are appealing.

Even the user interface is developed to look like the ones on secret agent devices.


  • SOS signal
  • Compass
  • Additional features
  • Can record conversations
  • Finger scanner has been added


  • Features depend on the smartphone a user uses
  • May be confusing


Spy App we mentioned above may be more than you will ever need.

It is superb, yet incredibly simple, something you may need at the moment.

And yes all of these apps are capable of making a spy from you.